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Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer

I need a primer that helps me tile on tile and other smooth surfaces.

PRIME PLUS GRIP is the primer to use on most non porous & smooth surfaces. Spread just the once and after 15 min your left with a strong gritty surface for leveling or tiling on to.

AREA COVERED: 34 – 39m² per tub (surface texture can alter coverage per m2)

TUB SIZE:  5 Kilograms



  • Increases the strength of bond between the surface and adhesive or level
  • First class use on absorbant & non absorbant substrates and surfaces
  • Fast dry time – usually sets in under 15 minuets
  • Use direct from container no mixing required
  • Re-sealable container
  • Adds a hevey textured surface to obtain maximum grip
  • Perfect for preperation for fixing tiles on top of tiles
  • Ready mixed and ready to use as a surface primer

Surface Types

  • screeds cement & sand
  • Concrete Substrates
  • Sheets of plywood from 6mm depth up wards
  • Flooring grade chipboard sheets (18mm min)
  • Most underfloor heating systems electric & wet
  • Walls & Floors
  • Tile backer boards
  • Tiled surfaces
  • Bitchimun & ashfelt of flooring grade
  • Liquid anhydrite screeds
  • Plastered walls
  • Plaster boards
  • Cementitious fiber boards
  • Renders Cementitious
  • Block wall brick & concrete
  • Tounge & groove flooring
  • Floating Floors
  • Fixed vinyl tiles
  • metal surface including steel
  • Fixed fibreglass surfaces
  • Green screed’s

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 x 16 x 21 cm

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