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TA Rapid Repair Mortar – Pack

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I need a repair mortar for internal walls and floors that is fast setting


The rapid repair mortar from Tilemaster Adhesives has been developed for repairing internal concrete and more.

AREA COVERED: 11kg pack covers approx. 7 m2 at a 1mm depth

BAG SIZE: 11kg


  • Rapid Repair Mortar for Walls & Floors internally
  • Perfect for patching concrete internally, screeds (sand/cement based), Renders, Stairtreads, Ceiling, Soffits, Forming Ramps, Re-Facing, Filling, Patching and Repairing Internal Concrete.
  • Add finished flooring after 90 minutes
  • Add from5 – 50mm Filled, 2 – 20mm unfilled
  • Perfect for horizontal and vertical applications, slump free
  • Free from protein
  • Just Mix with Water


  • Concrete (Internal)
  • Screeds (Sand/Cement Based)
  • Renders
  • Stairtreads
  • Ceilings and Soffits
  • Forming Ramps & Coves
  • Making good around Pipe Work

Additional Information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 10 cm

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